Happier Employees

miCare clinics can solve your employees' healthcare challenges.

miCare clinics are convenient because they are located on-site, allow for online and telephonic scheduling of appointments, and give patients a full 20-minutes with the medical provider, with virtually no wait.

The member experience with miCare is centered on member engagement and proactive care - which in turn delivers more value, less loss-of-work time, and happier employees.

Finally, patient-centered care in a welcoming on-site environment.

Benefits include

Free healthcare, including office visits, basic lab tests, and generic drugs
20-minute appointments with your provider, almost twice the national average
Schedule appointments online or by telephone
Minimal time away from work
Less than 2-minute average wait on arrival for appointment


Your employees, and their covered dependents, will receive care in a familiar, comfortable environment, while forming a trusted relationship with providers. miCare has less than a two minute average wait time for scheduled appointments.


Providers have a consistent, defined population of patients, enabling them to establish regular follow-up and monitoring – without worry about administration and billing.

Health Plan Sponsor

miCare allows for collaboration between the patient, provider, health plan, and Disease Management and Wellness Programs for effective integration.


"I never used to go to the doctor, but now it is just so easy and convenient..." miCare patient