A healthier bottom line

miCare clinics keep your business in the black.

Our goals are your goals — encouraging clinic use to reduce health plan costs and promoting wellness programs and disease management to achieve higher return on employer investment.

Medical efficiency + wholesale purchasing of care = A healthier population incurring fewer health insurance claims.

Benefits include

Wholesale purchasing of healthcare delivers increased primary care at a decreased price
Removes traditional barriers to care in a post-ACA world
Emphasis on primary care results in fewer referrals to specialists
Optional mail-order prescriptions through miRx offer another direct cost savings
Improves access to primary care for your members


miCare manages the clinic for each Plan Sponsor for a monthly administrative fee. There is no mark-up or hidden charges.

Pass-through Expenses

All clinic costs are invoiced on a pass-through basis.
Doctors, practitioners and nurses are trained in the miCare clinical philosophy; prescriptions are purchased at wholesale; labs are furnished and billed at contract rates.
Ongoing monthly expenses include: staffing costs, medical supplies, prescriptions, some office supplies and administrative fees.

Initial Setup

Initial facility costs vary depending on space requirements. Some organizations use current space with modifications, others renovate or construct a new facility. Space is needed for 2 exam rooms, a small lab, bathroom, doctor's office, and reception area.
Because there is little-to-no wait for appointments, no waiting room is needed!

miCare's experienced management staff will handle the details so you can focus on healthy employees and a healthy bottom line.

  • Clinic design, building and set-up
  • Recruiting and management of providers
  • Practice management software
  • Clinic hours based on client and member needs
  • 24/7 online portal for appointments, health risk assessments and electronic health records
  • Communication strategies and health plan design that encourages and drives utilization of your miCare clinic

miCare manages clinics for single organizations and shared clinics for multiple organizations. Whatever the need, miCare offers the experience and flexibility to offer the right solution.

  • Single employers/Health Plan Sponsors with 300 or more employees
  • Multiple organizations in the same location may partner for a single clinic
  • Opportunities for multiple clinic locations
  • Spread the expense and increase the convenience

Easier access to care, reduced costs, and a positive impact on health —
Everybody Wins!

Anticipated health plan savings:
  • 15-25% on office visits
  • 8-12% on prescription costs
  • 5-10% in lab costs
  • 50-75% employee loss-of-work time
After 5 years of operation, one Montana-based miCare clinic has realized these savings:
  • 61% on office visits
  • 23% on prescriptions costs
  • 32% in lab costs

EBMS' 4-year trend for its health plan has increased cumulatively by only 2%.


"I feel that miCare is a blessing! Before, I never would go to the doctor for annual exams. The Nurse Practitioner at miCare discovered my tumor early enough to have it treated and now I am doing great. I feel she saved my life. This is what healthcare is all about..." miCare patient