miCare clinics

miCare is revolutionizing the way healthcare is purchased and delivered. No other service in the healthcare marketplace offers as much control over costs and time.

miCare clinics are onsite or near-site, organization-sponsored, primary-care clinics that eliminate the traditional barriers to care - access and cost - while setting the stage for greater opportunities for health education and increased member engagement.

miCare providers partner with plan members to develop personalized wellness plans that encourage lifestyle changes necessary to lead a healthy and productive life.

Improve plan member health and lower healthcare costs with a miCare clinic for your workforce.

For appointments, call the miCare Appointment Assistant 1-866-888-8035


"I feel that miCare is a blessing! Before, I never would go to the doctor for annual exams. The Nurse Practitioner at miCare discovered my tumor early enough to have it treated and now I am doing great. I feel she saved my life. This is what healthcare is all about..." miCare patient