ABOUT miCare Clinics

miCare clinics remove the traditional barriers to care!

The miCare concept changes the paradigm for the way healthcare is delivered in the United States. These onsite and near-site clinics provide primary-care services free to all members who are on the group health plan.

miCare clinics are onsite or near-site, organization-sponsored, primary-care clinics that eliminate the traditional barriers to care - access and cost - while setting the stage for greater opportunities for health education and increased member engagement.

miCare providers partner with plan members to develop personalized wellness plans that encourage lifestyle changes necessary to lead a healthy and productive life.

In 2006, when opening its first miCare clinic for its own health plan members, EBMS found the benefits of its miCare clinics resulted in savings in Cost and Time, both for the organization and its workforce.

No other service in the healthcare marketplace offers as much control over costs and time.

Explore the Benefits

Wholesale purchasing of healthcare delivers increased primary care at a decreased price, and includes wellness, prevention, chronic disease management and acute care
Direct pass-through cost model vs. fee-for-service
Convenient 20-minute appointments with less than 2-minute average wait
Online and telephonic scheduling for appointments
Minimal time away from work
Comprehensive Communication Program to support the onsite clinic and to integrate with Disease Management and Wellness Programs
Reduction in referrals to specialists and emergency care because of its emphasis on primary care
Increased access and utilization of primary care with special focus on proactive disease management, wellness, and prevention
Efficient delivery model that is streamlined, paperless, and only requires limited staff
Extensive reporting services to ease burden for the sponsoring organization
Optional mail-order prescription services through miRx, offering another direct-cost base model for services
Annual Health Risk Assessments supported by biometric testing

Biometric testing obtains a baseline of the membership's overall health to be used as a benchmark going forward to help gauge the improved clinical health of the population. The results of the HRA, combined with information from disease management programs, help identify potential areas for targeted communication.

  • Office visits
  • Procedures
  • Annual physical exams
  • Annual health risk assessments
  • Acute care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Health education and consultation
  • Wellness programs
  • Laboratory testing with electronically-loaded medical records
  • Prescriptions (in many instances, prescriptions are delivered through the miRx mail-order option)

By eliminating traditional barriers to healthcare - cost and convenience.

  • More employees use the services and are proactive, rather than reactive, about their health.
  • Continual, comprehensive Communication Program keeps members engaged, informed, and in charge of their own health.
  • Because the services are free, primary care services become part of employees’ annual routine.
  • Health Plan Sponsors realize decreased healthcare costs because healthy employees incur fewer claims expenditures. This increased savings in healthcare costs can be invested elsewhere in the business or organization.
  • miCare's focus is on primary care.
  • Over 85+% of care an individual needs can be delivered through an onsite clinic.
  • miCare provides integrated care that apprises the provider about the benefits of the health plan and coordinates with Disease Management and Wellness Programs.
  • miCare partners with specialists when needed and facilitates easy record-sharing between providers.
  • Services are comprehensive in addition to being cost-efficient.
  • miCare provides: the right care, at the right time, at the right place.
  • miCare offers outstanding quality of care.
  • miCare benefits extend to families of employees on their health plan.
  • miCare clinics offer complete management services on behalf of the Plan Sponsor, including:
    • Recruiting and managing medical providers
    • miCare clinic design and set-up
    • Providing aggregate data for clinic utilization reports, top diagnosis reports, top drugs dispensed, and more
    • CPT comparison reporting illustrating cost comparisons with the retail market
    • Practice management software
    • An online portal and toll-free calling for appointment scheduling
    • Electronic medical records
    • Clinic hours based on client and member needs
    • Online health risk assessment
  • The miCare model focuses on patient-centered care in a welcoming environment:
    • Wellness
    • Prevention
    • Chronic disease management.
  • miCare encourages a culture of health and wellness.
  • Employee health improvements result from increased clinic utilization.
  • Reduced absenteeism results from healthier employees.
  • Increased productivity is realized because of improved employee health and wellbeing.
  • Advantages of miCare provide a competitive edge for retention and recruitment of top-talent employees.

miCare is working on offering multiple employer-shared clinics, which will:

  • Spread overhead expenses.
  • Increase the number of hours and appointments to choose from.
  • Potentially expand to multiple locations.


Thank you for showing your patients such genuine care and compassion! My son had an awful experience at another office, and it was SO awesome to see how much better it could be. After we left he said, "Mom, thank you for bringing me to miCare, let's only go there from now on!" miCare patient