Success Stories

Employee-sponsored miCare clinics provide employees an alternative to the double-digit medical inflation experienced in the traditional healthcare market.

The miCare program centers on member engagement and the best clinical outcomes, which in turn deliver a continual, and exponentially larger, return on investment each year, not only to the health plan member but also to the sponsoring organization.

The Success of miCare in a Privately-Held Business

A privately-held business found itself familiar with many of the same challenges that other businesses are experiencing. Healthcare costs were rising, benefit costs were increasing, and employees didn't appear to be engaged in their own care. All of these factors accounted for a deterioration in the health of the workforce, their productivity, and even morale.

Years of increasing costs and reductions in health plan benefits had taken a toll. The employer could no longer afford to increase expenditures for health insurance year after year at exponential rates. miCare offered control and clinical solutions. After five years of utilizing miCare, office visit costs per employee per year decreased by over 61%; laboratory costs were reduced by over 30%; and prescription costs shrank by almost 23%. Additionally, the offer of free and convenient care proved an excellent retention and recruitment opportunity.

Prior to the inception of miCare, the healthcare cost trend was consistently in the double digits. miCare, through its proactive approach, reversed the health care cost trend.

The Success of miCare in a Manufacturing Company

A manufacturing company used their miCare clinic to begin offering Health Risk Assessments (HRAs). The initial HRA provided a benchmark for the health status of their workforce.

Past claims experience offered a false sense of security in terms of the overall health of the employee population and financial stability of the health plan. The dire future of the health plan was not evident. The HRA however revealed that 86% of the employees had 1 chronic condition, 45% had 2 chronic conditions, and 21% were dealing with 3 chronic conditions - many of which had previously gone undetected. miCare was able to serve as the perfect Medical Home for these employees and their dependents. It identified the health risk of the population, provided free and individualized care to the patients, and coordinated with Wellness and Disease Management programs to offer integrated solutions and continued assistance and education. Individuals who had not seen a doctor in years were able to establish a relationship with a primary caregiver at miCare to ensure minimum care standards were met for their particular condition. These members now have the support needed to improve their health and wellness and feel more accountable.

miCare was able to affect the overall financial outlook of the health plan by improving the health of the employees. With miCare focusing on the best clinical outcomes, ultimately the health plan will see increased savings year after year.

The Success of miCare in a County Government

A county government's miCare held a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for all their insured employees and spouses. In coupling incentives with the miCare services, a significant number of members made positive changes in their health. Repeating the HRA a year later found 43% reduced their body mass index, 55% improved their blood pressure reading, and 44% improved their cholesterol reading. A healthier workforce equates to a healthier benefit plan.

miCare was responsible for an increase in the utilization of office visits, lab tests, and prescriptions through ease of access and removal of financial barriers, arguably providing a higher quality of care. These services would have cost over $400,000, in just one year, in the local medical community. miCare provided these services for almost half of the retail price.


"I was very hesitant at first. I really liked my regular doctor, but after one appointment at miCare I was sold! The clinic has a great, relaxed atmosphere. You can't get this type of one-on-one care anywhere else. You can tell the doctor and nurse really care. They are more than just professional, they are also our friends." miCare patient