A thriving workplace

Improve the health of your employees, and
you will improve the health of your business.

Organizations that promote a healthy workplace have a healthier workforce with reduced absenteeism. They also see an increase in retention, creativity, productivity and improved quality of life, satisfaction, engagement, and morale.

When a company takes active steps to increase well-being, benefits extend beyond the walls of the company to families and communities.

Organizations are in a unique position to make a real difference in their health plan members' lives and miCare clinics are here to help.

Benefits include

Healthier employees = More efficient workforce
Annual Health Risk Assessments and biometric testing allow for early identification of chronic disease
Communication messages encourage use of miCare and educate about chronic disease
Data integration with the Disease Management and Wellness Programs provide a complete picture of employee health and comprehensive support

miCare offers a solution to help organizations address increasing costs of healthcare and benefit programs while improving workforce productivity, health and even morale.

According to Gallup, when a company increases employee and their dependents' engagement and well-being, it lowers medical costs and improves worker performance. Engaged individuals are generally in better health. They have lower incidences of chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, diagnosed depression, and heart attacks. Likewise, engaged employees are therefore a lower healthcare liability to their employers. They have 46% fewer unhealthy days as a result of physical or mental illness, are 39% less likely to be diagnosed with a new disease in the next year, and are 43% less likely to be newly diagnosed with anxiety or depression. These findings add up to big savings for companies' medical costs and help boost productivity numbers.

These findings suggest that organizations that make an effort to improve their workers' healthcare engagement help employees improve the quality of their lives, minimizing the costs of decreased productivity. Most organizations make the miCare clinics available to dependents as well, improving the health and well-being of all members of the household. A healthier home translates to benefits in the workplace!

Through miCare’s proactive approach, EBMS has been able to reverse the health care cost trend for it’s clients. miCare helps identify the health risk of employee populations, provides free and individualized care to patients, and coordinates with Wellness and Disease Management programs to offer integrated solutions and continued employee assistance and education.


"Before coming to miCare, I was paying over $200 every month for my cholesterol and blood pressure medicines. After carefully reviewing my history and medications, the doctor switched them to low-cost or free medications available at my miCare clinic." miCare patient